SpeedCurve LUX integration for Nuxt.

To use this module, a paid SpeedCurve LUX account is required. Register for a free 30 day trial to get started!

What is SpeedCurve LUX?

LUX (which stands for Live User eXperience) gives you standard RUM (Real User Monitoring) metrics like page load time and start render. It also tracks metrics that give you a better sense of how fast your site feels to visitors such as number of critical blocking resources, images above the fold, and custom metrics.


Collect performance metrics from real users
See Javascript errors in your Speedcurve dashboard
Use custom data to segment users and performance metrics
Create custom performance markers for deep insights
Minimal configuration with sensible defaults
On-the-fly runtime config support
Not compatible with spa mode or ssr:false .
Nuxt 2.12.0+ is required.